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The right diet is key to having a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. More importantly, it is essential to the prevention of and recovery from various medical conditions. You don’t have to be sick or unwell to need a dietitian. In fact, our dietitian works closely with families to ensure the whole family is consuming a whole, balanced diet that prevents disease and keeps everyone in good health.
JTS Medical Centre is home to some of the most professional, experienced, and best Nutritionist in Dubai, who can provide complete and personalized nutrition plans that contain all the nutrients you need for better health.
Enjoy life to the fullest with the expertise of a professional nutritionist in Dubai today. A balanced diet recommended by our nutritionists is far more effective than taking nutritional supplements or attempting to learn how to count calories.
The Nutrition Counseling Department at JTS Medical Centre offers a range of dietary and nutritional services from our qualified Clinical Dietician. In addition to general consultations and nutritional assessments, we offer individualized therapeutic dietary advice for chronic illnesses, like heart disease, diabetes, kidney and digestive problems, as well as several other conditions.
We also conduct Food Intolerance Testing in Dubai, in order to ensure that you do not consume food you are allergic to, and to make sure that we do not prescribe a diet that doesn’t suit you.
Our range of nutritionist services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Pre and post surgery management
  • Education and dietary support for diabetic patients
  • Specialized nutrition plans for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants, and children
  • Managing gastrointestinal disorders
  • Food Intolerance Test
  • Managing food intolerances
  • Specialized nutrition plans for women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Disease management nutritional programs for specific cases such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney issues, liver problems, and hypertension
  • Nutritional management for surgical cases
  • Weight management


Each nutritional program is designed specifically with the unique circumstances of each patient in mind. Our nutritionists will consider your personal nutritional requirements in creating a holistic solution that helps you feel better, livelier, and healthier, while also making sure that you enjoy wholesome portions of food that your body needs.
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